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My name is Kaname Kuran.

I am a Pureblood Vampire, head of the Society. I am physically aged currently as a young adult, but I am much older than I appear to be. I am a proper, dapper gentleman; I do, however, like to dress casually when I do not attend school. I have a rather solitary, mysterious nature about me that may contain past secrets, but don't let that fool you. I can be gentle, but also strict when the time is appropriate.

>> Zero Kiryu
>> Kaito Takamiya
>> Haruka Kuran

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Kaname Kuran: It would be a problem if you die now. I've let you live this far because you've been useful to Yuuki, and I know that you would never betray her.
Zero Kiryuu: Just like you, deciding things for me...
Kaname Kuran: Because my feelings for Yuuki are probably the same as yours.
Zero Kiryuu: ...I...just want Yuuki to be able to laugh from her heart.
Kaname Kuran: As do I.
Zero Kiryuu: There is no need for her to sacrifice anything.
Kaname Kuran: That is correct.

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There was a sudden urge to roleplay Vampire Knight and suddenly I found myself making a Zero Kiryuu account, along with my friend who created a Kaname Kuran. We hope to make new friends, and definitely don’t mind roleplaying with anyone! Thanks!