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My name is Kaname Kuran.

I am a Pureblood Vampire, head of the Society. I am physically aged currently as a young adult, but I am much older than I appear to be. I am a proper, dapper gentleman; I do, however, like to dress casually when I do not attend school. I have a rather solitary, mysterious nature about me that may contain past secrets, but don't let that fool you. I can be gentle, but also strict when the time is appropriate.

>> Zero Kiryu
>> Kaito Takamiya
>> Haruka Kuran

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Deception. (@zero-kiryuu)


The grandfather clock had chimed tremendously, echoing throughout the entire Kuran estate alarmingly notifying Kaname that it had just struck midnight on this dreary, and gloomy day. Unknowingly, the dark-haired brunet had already begun to stagger about in his bedroom, skulking about from the uncomfortable bed he could no longer lie, and find comfort on, to the opened door way which he stood between, and an inch from the corridor. Grimace written on his face, and with a sour look in his garnet eyes, he took a step forward, and a few more steps leading him down to the foyer that was spacious, and elaborately built. Something was bugging him, but he continued to press forward. He passed by a large window frame across the wall directly in front of him, and the vampire could only frown as he realized that it had started to downpour. Something outside was calling to him, beckoning him to venture out there; though he needed to a least put a coat on first. As much as he didn’t loathe the rain, he wasn’t particularly fond of being drenched. He retreated back to his quarters, fitting some comfortable shoes on his feet, and a large black-colored, long coat on himself and returned back to the foyer, and out the exit.

I guess I’ll enjoy a stroll. Kaname said in discontent as he started to trudge forward, and hearing the sloshing sound when his feet met the wet dirt that was now puddles of mud. Great. Another frown. He figured he had been walking for about fifteen minutes now, but seemed to make no stops, or to even bother to turn around and go back home. He felt more free, here, in the dead of the night with no one around. He was suddenly hungry, and his thirst would have to wait considering it was lifeless out here. Strands of his hair blew from the breeze of a brisk, rainy weather to distort his eye sight, but he easily used his hands to swiftly, swipe his hair away from his eyes, and could only make a quiet sigh at the annoyance. Still pressing forward. It was quiet, and Kaname absorbed it euphorically. It had been a while since he could enjoy this moment. Just himself and his thoughts, all alone. To ponder, to satisfy his curiosity, he preferred to do it all independently. He finally took a breath as he rested his aching shoulders against a large pine tree. It’s been nearly an hour, hasn’t it? Kaname glowered up toward the sky, bothered that he was already so tired, but it was obvious he had been neglecting the tablets. Sometimes they weren’t the same, but he couldn’t complain. He just didn’t want to resort to them sometimes. 

His head turned suddenly to the noises he heard in complete silence. First footsteps that sounded like it had met contact with leaves, and crunching beneath their feet, and the sound of weak twigs snapping in unison. Am I really alone out here? His eyes were a radiant, crimson color, seeming to be glowing brighter, and luminous each second. “Who’s there?” Stated with a firm voice as he glowered. “Have you been following me this entire time since I left my territory?”