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My name is Kaname Kuran.

I am a Pureblood Vampire, head of the Society. I am physically aged currently as a young adult, but I am much older than I appear to be. I am a proper, dapper gentleman; I do, however, like to dress casually when I do not attend school. I have a rather solitary, mysterious nature about me that may contain past secrets, but don't let that fool you. I can be gentle, but also strict when the time is appropriate.

>> Zero Kiryu
>> Kaito Takamiya
>> Haruka Kuran

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( pureblood-yuuki )

Though the most is known between these two are uncertain through some aspects, Kaname continues to watch over her, and protect her (while sometimes being too overprotective). As this is a significant relationship between the two since they were kids, which is complicated still to this day, he only wishes for her safe welfare, even if it means sacrificing himself for her happiness rather than living alone.

crossyuuki )

Kaname wishes for her well-being, though through little interaction, he hopes the two will intertwine and share some conversations with each other.

( divine-proxy )

The relationship between Stella and Kaname are fairly new, but to his knowledge he was impressed by this woman and her logic, and such optimism he could respect her for; though he senses some darker tension that she currently hides. He enjoys her mature company.

( zero-kiryuu

It was dislike at first sight. With different methods and perspectives, Kaname only shares a contempt for loathing when he’s overcome with occasional jealousy when Zero is found near Yuuki; which can be said to be the only tolerance for her own safety. They don’t exactly get along.

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