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My name is Kaname Kuran.

I am a Pureblood Vampire, head of the Society. I am physically aged currently as a young adult, but I am much older than I appear to be. I am a proper, dapper gentleman; I do, however, like to dress casually when I do not attend school. I have a rather solitary, mysterious nature about me that may contain past secrets, but don't let that fool you. I can be gentle, but also strict when the time is appropriate.

>> Zero Kiryu
>> Kaito Takamiya
>> Haruka Kuran

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Yuuki & Kaname
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Looking off into the field, Zero didn’t realize someone was far off. Drawing a hand through his silver locks, giving a sigh. He didn’t want to be still, he wanted to move. His feet felt glued to the ground though, as if he had to stay there, and wait.

Standing, he moved a hand inside his coat pocket, fingering his gun. A feeling crept up his back, making the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. “I wonder if I’ll meet anyone here….” Again, a strong wind blew around, grabbing his coat.

Kaname could tell off in the distance that there was a terrain not far off that separated the city from the pasture. His scarlet eyes briefly viewed the vast area as the breeze passed and subsided within a few minutes, which allowed in such a short amount of time to gather as much senses as he could to realize someone familiar was not far off from where he stood. Their location was probably near by, he figured. He continued to trudge forward, curious as to confront whoever was around though he had a feeling he could fathom who he would be encountering. 

As he advanced forward, the distance had shortened and a few yards away he could easily spot out a figure as nearly as tall as he was, along with broad shoulders but that was all he could make out. Why is it that I feel quite more weary than usual? It’s unlike me for not identifying someone this difficultly  I must be more feeble lately considering… He pushed his thoughts aside as he realized he was merely feet away from the other figure. He paused for a while, giving it some time before the other individual would also take notice. “Kiryu.”


Looking good, Kaname-senpai. ;)


purebloodkaname entered the Land of Air!

Oh fuck!

"…… Ah, pardon my intrusion. I’m a bit weary this morning."

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